Tips on how to care for pearl earrings

Source: CiYi Jewelry/Joyven JewelryRelease time: 2019-08-16

1. Remember to rinse or soak with water.

2. Keep away from oil and stains as well as acid and alkaline substances.

3. Wear good makeup before wearing pearl earrings, avoid contact between pearl earrings and cosmetics such as hairspray, perfume and nail wash.

4. Avoid wearing pearl earrings for laundry and bathing.

5. Cooking is best not to wear, kitchen cooking, steam and fumes and other airborne dirt may seep into the pearl, so that it yellowing.

6. Pearl earrings and other pearl jewelry is best stored separately, because the hardness of the pearl is relatively low, very easy to wear, and other harder jewelry together, the slightest carelessness, it will scratch the surface of the pearl, leaving scratches.

7. Regular inspection: pearl earrings regular inspection is also indispensable. Earrings with a long time, inevitably loose, so it is best to regularly send the earrings to a professional jewelry store for inspection, to see if the setting is loose and wear, re-fixed and refurbished to it!