Notes on buying and choosing jewelry

Source: CiYi Jewelry/Joyven JewelryRelease time: 2019-08-16

Jewelry can graphically show a person's character traits, life hobbies, cultural cultivation, as well as psychological qualities and thoughts and feelings. When choosing and purchasing jewelry, the following points should be noted.

1. To determine the size of, for example, the ring to be measured by the thickness of their own fingers, should not be too tight or too loose to wear in the hand. If you buy a necklace, you must first try it on, generally the necklace is divided into 45, 48, 50 cm three grades.

2. Pay attention to the specifications of jewelry, style, quality specifically, is to distinguish in the choice of rings is male, or female. Generally speaking, women's rings are smaller and more delicate, while men's rings are more dignified and solid.

At the same time, when buying a ring, you should consider whether you want to match the gemstone or not, and if you are not sure, you can ask the salesman. When choosing a necklace, pay attention to the thickness of the necklace, in principle, the size is long, the necklace should be thicker, and vice versa, it is thinner. If the necklace is to be paired with a pendant, choose the necklace specifications to be moderate, should not be too long, too short.

Earrings are divided into two types of screw and pin type, screw type is for people without ear holes to use, pin type for people with ear holes to use. As for the pins and pendants, the Daxiao style should be matched with the corresponding people and costumes. Usually: pendants according to the thickness of the necklace with the thick correspondingly larger. The body type of tall people to choose a little larger.

3. The appearance quality of jewelry jewelry appearance quality should be good luster, pure color, positive shape, welding point light, gemstones and seat to close seam, carved flowers and ornaments should be clear and vivid.

The specific approach is to see whether the jewelry has any rough places, no tricky feeling when wearing it, and the surface plating should be shiny gold. Then look at the jewelry to see if there is any color difference. If the petals and the base have the same color, it has met these requirements.

The shape means exactly that the product does not look east or west. For example, the gemstone should be centered in the ring with no offset or high or low. Solder light is to see that there are no small bubbles and air holes in the welding points between each part, and the visual effect is naturally smooth, then the standard is met. Other places are not the main thing, as long as there is no obvious discomfort, then it is considered to meet the standard.

4. According to their age, body type, skin color, face shape to buy jewelry.

Young people to choose the style of novelty, colorful hues, the price of the lower good, in order to change with the style of fashion, showing the vitality of young people.

The middle-aged and elderly women generally choose the more elaborate workmanship, texture on the high-grade, stable color is appropriate.

Slender body, delicate skin, suitable for wearing jewelry with dark-colored stones, ring ring narrower is better.

Those who are fat and dark-skinned should wear jewelry with good transparency, light-colored stones and wide rings.

In addition, those with long necks are suitable to wear dangling earrings. Girls with shorter necks should choose to wear granular earrings.

5. According to their own cultivation, hobby to buy jewelry different jewelry to give people a different aesthetic interest.

Diamond indicates strength and perseverance. Red and blue diamonds symbolize passion and boldness. Jadeite indicates subtlety and depth. Agate symbolizes fantasy and determination. Corundum symbolizes simplicity and eternity. Pearl symbolizes steadfastness and purity.

6. Pay attention to the order of buying jewelry buy jewelry order is best: first buy earrings and rings, then buy a necklace, then buy a bracelet, and finally buy brooches and other jewelry varieties. Earrings can set off a person's clothing dress, so it is appropriate to prepare first. Generally speaking, spring and autumn type skin tones use medium tone gold earrings or button type earrings, winter and summer type skin tones use silver rings, buttons or large pearl type earrings.