Teach you how to wear earrings

Source: CiYi Jewelry/Joyven JewelryRelease time: 2019-08-16

First you should determine the shape of your face to decide what style of earrings will optimize your face shape. Of course, you must also take into account the color of your hair, the tone of your skin, the size of your body, and what you're wearing!

Long, pointed faces: You can't go wrong with simple studs or subtle mini dangling earrings! They will make your face look more delicate and glamorous, and visually expand a face that is too sharp, but avoid triangular and square earrings, and dangling earrings that are level with the bottom of your face are also a big no-no!

Square face: the most suitable choice for square face is round studs, it can visually make the face angles become soft, face shape become round. Pearl earrings can highlight the elegance and generosity! However, avoid angular shaped earrings, it will accentuate the angles of your face.

Goose egg face shape: is the most typical face shape and suits almost any style of earrings. You can always experiment with a few different styles. You can wear delicate studs, geometric shapes for earrings, dangle earrings with gemstones ...... how about all very cute! The only thing you need to avoid, however, is wearing exaggerated slender shaped earrings, which will elongate your otherwise perfect face shape.

Diamond face shape: dangling earrings will optimize your face shape to the maximum, in addition, you can also try bolt studs or teardrop shaped earrings. But make sure you avoid long, thin earrings!